Tom S., Buyer

It was really great to talk to you. For the last few months I was getting conflicting advice. Thanks, Jonathan, for clearing things up in a short telephone call.

Tom S., Buyer of Condo in Playa del Carmen

Glenn H., CFO

You’ve been a tremendous help to me and to our company and I have no hesitation whatsoever in enthusiastically endorsing your professionalism, knowledge, approach, etc.

Glenn H., CFO, Tekmark Edison, NJ

Bob G., Los Cabos Realtor

We had delicate negotiations to keep the real estate deal together. Thanks for your great insight and efficient work to find the solution.

Bob G., Los Cabos Realtor

Jon F., President, Problem Solvers S.A. de C. V.

Many, many thanks. I have always had great peace of mind knowing you have been looking over my shoulder during this complex process of the sale of the company.

Jon F., President, Problem Solvers S.A. de C. V., Mexico City, Mexico

Roxana P., General Counsel

Jonathan always gets our work done quickly, correctly and on time. Thanks for the good job.

Roxana P., General Counsel, Readers Digest Mexico, S.A. de C. V., Mexico

Thomas V., Oxford, MI

Mr. Pikoff helped us buy our condo in Playa del Carmen, he was great in helping negotiate issues in both languages. Thanks for getting everything done right, on time and on budget.

Thomas V., Oxford, MI

Russ, J.V.P., International C & H Distributors

I must say we are very glad that we did change to your firm as you and your people have been excellent and I don’t think we would even be close to our original timeline if we had stayed with [the other law firm].

Russ, J.V.P., International C & H Distributors, Milwaukee, WI

Robert M., Beverly Hills, CA

The purchase of the Villas in Los Cabos had to be done right and discreetly. Glad we had Jonathan as our attorney. I would definitely use his services again.

Robert M., Beverly Hills, CA

John W., President, Matamoros Garment

I wouldn’t do a deal in Mexico without having Jonathan by my side.

John W., President, Matamoros Garment, S.A. de C.V., Puebla, Mexico

Nancy M.

We have all enjoyed working with you and greatly appreciate the excellent service you have provided to the Texas Department of Economic Development.

Nancy M., Division Controller, Austin, TX

Robert S., Esq.

Jonathan was extremely cooperative and responsive to our needs at a critical time in the negotiations of the “Promise To Constitute A Trust Agreement”, which is the primary agreement. Thanks for your help.

Robert S., Esq., New York attorney